A Written Laxative for my Emotional Constipation is Boise, Idaho native Forest Gerlach’s debut collection of poetry. At times both heart wrenching and hilarious, these poems manage to walk the line between irreverent and sincere while always remaining very Forest.

As of January 1st, 2020, Forest’s chapbook is released! We’re still waiting for every edition to hit the internet, and we’re waiting for our shipments of the special edition, but the chapbook is hitting the world! (All pictures of the editions are mock-ups, and will be replaced with photos of the real deal when we receive our shipments.)

Standard Edition!

This standard, paperback edition of Forest’s book is available for order from anywhere that gets their books through Ingram!

You can also ask your local book stores to order it for you! Show them this ISBN: 978-1647970017

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Digital Edition!

Want a PDF Copy for your e-reader? You can name your price for one here!

Mustard Edition!

This gorgeous hardcover special “Mustard Edition” featuring art from local Boise artist Nicky Mustard has limited copies available, and is available to order right through our site! 

*We are still waiting on our shipment and hope to have these signed and out soon!*

Audio Edition!

Forest absolutely killed it in the booth recording this audio edition! You can score it on Bandcamp right now (and we’re looking into streaming options for the future!)

Pay What You Can Edition!

Look, we get that sometimes you can’t afford to get that shiny new chapbook you’ve had your eyes on. This version is printed and assembled by hand, and if you can at least cover the shipping we’ll send it your way!