A Written Laxative for my Emotional Constipation: PWYC edition!

A hand folded and stapled version of A Written Laxative for my Emotional Constipation.

Minimum price: $3.00



Look, we get that sometimes you can’t afford to get every shiny new chapbook you’ve had your eyes on (we sure can’t!) This version is printed and assembled by hand, and if you can at least cover the shipping we’ll send it your way!

The cover is printed on decently thick cardstock and the inside is regular ol’ printer paper. Courtesy of our local Kinkos! We’re folding and stapling up a storm in the office right now and will have photos of the actual product up soon.

*We’re looking for a cheaper shipping solution, but right now Media Mail has been the cheapest. (If you know of a cheaper option, please email us!) And of course, if you see any of the team in public we have copies on us usually and there’s no shipping minimum to worry about!*